Supervised Visitation Network
USD 39.00

1. Online Module: Intake Process and Client Orientation

Intake and Orientation are critical elements required to provide safe supervised visitation. It begins the ongoing process of receiving and maintaining current and relevant information on the family. The intake interview can create provider-client rapport

USD 15.00

2. SVN Webinar, "Accounting for Culture"

How do we account for cultural differences when providing Supervised Visitation? This 3 hour course addresses issues related to culture and supervised visitation.

USD 10.00

3. SVN Webinar: The impact of parental separation and divorce on children and how supervised visitat...

Most of the children coming for supervised visitation services have experienced the separation and/or divorce of their parents. These children face many challenges and are affected in many ways.

USD 49.95

4. Twelve Hour SV Audio Training

Here are all of the currently available SVN Audio Trainings for purchase for one price. Special offer if you join SVN within 30 days of purchase, a full credit of the purchase price will be applied to your membership.

USD 12.95

Audio Training: Ethics, Neutrality and the SVN Standards

This is a Four Hour series of Audio Trainings addressing Ethical Issues and SVN Standards Compliance. An excellent to gain foundational knowledge of what is expected of professional providers of supervised visitation.

USD 7.95

Audio Training: Working with LGBT Families in Supervised Visitation

This 2 hour Course will address working with LGBT families in the supervised visitation setting.

USD 10.00

De-escalation & Conflict Resolution Skills

Training Objectives:

Develop skills for your toolbox
Develop self-awareness around conflict
Understanding how these skills transfer to
working with victims of domestic violence

USD 10.00

Funding your Supervised Visitation Program: The Three Legged Stool

Funding for non profit supervised visitation program is often a challenging proposition, to say the least! The goal of this workshop is to help you understand how to build your budget with a balanced approach, not relying on any one funding source.

USD 10.00

Implementing a Therapeutic Visitation Program

Are you interested in starting a therapeutic visitation program? This webinar will discuss the differences between supervised and therapeutic supervised visitation and some things to consider when beginning a therapeutic visitation program.

USD 10.00

Off Site Supervised Visitation: Creating the “Virtual Visitation Room”

Description: Supervised Visitation can occur in multiple settings, this training will address suggested safety protocols and procedures for providing supervised visitation in a non-traditional community setting, outside of a physical Supervised Visitation

USD 10.00

Recruiting, Interviewing and Selecting Visitation Staff

Families using visitation need and deserve staff that are motivated, empathic and skilled. Have you found it difficult to find the right staff? Join Training Committee Members Jen Garst, Judy Newman and Deianna Tyree for a webinar on Recruiting, Interview

USD 10.00

The Use of Technology to Stalk -What Supervised Visitation Professionals Need to Know

It is essential for supervised visitation providers to understand the dynamics of stalking in order to enhance the safety of victims of stalking and their children.

USD 10.00

To Visit or Not to Visit: Child Reluctance/Refusal

Join members of the SVN training committee while they explore the nuances to a child’s reluctance and/or refusal to services.

SVN, Supervised Visitation Network, is an international membership organization of professionals who provide supervised visitation and access services to families.

SVN was Founded in 1991 to provide opportunities for networking, sharing of information, and training for agencies and individuals who are interested in assuring that children can have safe, conflict-free access to parents with whom they do not reside.